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Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Mahatma Gandhi in next to no time with this concise provides a clear and engaging analysis of Gandhi’s life and achievements. In the 19th century, European countries had colonised large parts of Asia and Africa to increase their own power. Gandhi used his incredible conception of nonviolent civil disobedience and unity beyond religions and the class system to fight for the rights of Indians in South Africa, and eventually to gain independence for India itself.In just 50 minutes you will:   • Understand Gandhi’s life and achievements, from his childhood until his assassination   • Explore the work Gandhi did in the fight for equality in South Africa, Britain and India   • Analyse Gandhi’s methods of nonviolence and civil disobedience and their effectivenessABOUT 50MINUTES.COM | History & Culture50MINUTES.COM will enable you to quickly understand the main events, people, conflicts and discoveries from world history that have shaped the world we live in today. Our publications present the key information on a wide variety of topics in a quick and accessible way that is guaranteed to save you time on your journey of discovery.


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